About Us

Learn a little bit about the people behind this small business. Find out what keeps the engine running!

Hi! I’m Tanya, owner, and creator at Teal Tiger Creations. That handsome fella with me is my husband Brandon, my biggest supporter, and cheerleader who absolutely deserves an introduction because I wouldn’t be here pursuing my passion if it wasn’t for his constant support!

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African Turquoise

How It Was Born

Teal Tiger Creations was born out of a love for colour and beads. I’ve always loved jewelry, so I started creating for myself and my family. It grew into a passion from there which led me to start TTC at the end of 2017. Once I convinced Brandon to start wearing bracelets I soon learned he and I are tough on our jewelry, wearing it anywhere, including the tennis and basketball courts. 


I build my jewelry to be as durable as possible. Building durable jewelry means picking quality materials to do it with. This is why I only use high-quality gemstones, the strongest stretch cord, and opt for stainless steel as my metal of choice because it’s durable and will never change colours on you. Any pieces with special care requirements will be listed in the ad. As well you can find best care practice tips at the link below. Ex: These wood bracelets shouldn’t be submersed in water.

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In my spare time, I love to read, I always have multiple books on the go at once! I also enjoy playing board games with my husband, we try to play at least one game a week.

I try to spend as much time in or near the water as I can in the warmer months, water gives me a wonderful sense of peace.

Oh, and in case you hadn’t guessed based on my business name…I’m also an animal lover! We have a couple of interesting pets, ask me about them sometime!

Lily – CMO

Chief Motivation Officer

Lily is the apple of our eyes and happens to be the CMO around here. She’s our rescue pup that we adopted from the Sarnia Humane Society who found her as a stray on the streets but thanks to them, she has found her people and is loving life!

Lily has brought nothing but love, cuddles, and so many laughs to our lives since she joined our family in late 2021. We can’t wait to see how she flourishes!

Be sure to check out her Instagram page, she’s a fashionista with a really spunky spirit!

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