How to choose the correct size
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You’ll want to take a snug (but not tight) measurement of your wrist using something that can wrap around your wrist (ex: fabric measuring tape, paper, string, or piece of fabric) if you use paper or fabric just make sure to mark where the two ends meet so you can measure the distance and that will be your wrist measurement. To get a comfortable fit you’ll want to add .25 – .50 of an inch to your measurement to give room for the beads.

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Earrings are pretty straight forward, you just need to know the distance from your earlobe to your shoulder, if you’re looking at long dangling earrings. Most of my drop/dangly earrings are 1-2 inches long.

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You’ll want to decide how far down your chest you want your necklace to hang. There will be the length of the chain/cord to consider as well as the length of the pendant to determine exactly where your necklace will land. The “average” length is usually 18 inches but if you’d like something longer or shorter just message me.